Villach Fasching - a spectacle for the whole family

A hearty LEI LEI from Villach - probably the most famous carnival town in Austria. Every year, from 11.11, the jesters have the sceptre in their hands. The highlight of the Villach carnival is always the Saturday of carnival, when all the locals and holidaymakers celebrate in costume on the main square and marvel at the parade.

 Background knowledge about the Villach carnival

The Villach Fasching first appeared in the history books in 1867. From 1910 onwards, an annual farmers' ball was held, the proceeds of which were donated to charitable organisations by the organiser "die Bauerngman". In 1955 the idea of the Villach Fasching was born. Just three years after its introduction, more than 50 Villach businesses were already taking part in the spectacle. The first Villach Fasching session took place in 1961 in the Chamber of Labour. In 1964 the Villach Fasching Guild was formed from the Bauerngman. The highlight of the Villach Fasching is the parade on Fasching Saturday, which leads through the entire city centre. The participants are a colourful mix. From local businesses to local clubs to the international public, everything is there.

Villach Carnival Sessions

The first preparations for the sessions already begin in spring, rehearsals start in September. Choreographies are rehearsed, new songs composed and sketches learned. In addition, the members have to check the technical equipment, make the stage sets and tailor the costumes.

The four-hour programme starts after Epiphany and is performed every Thursday, Friday and Saturday until one week before Shrove Saturday. This covers an audience frequency of 10,000 to 16,000 carnival enthusiasts per season. On Shrove Tuesday, the best excerpts are broadcast on ORF's main programme.

 All dates for the carnival session can be found here: Carnival sessions  

Villach carnival procession

The annual highlight of the Villach Carnival takes place on Carnival Saturday. Employees of the surrounding shops serve their customers in costume and music groups heat up the atmosphere from the early morning. There is also an extensive carnival programme for children.

The crowning finale is the carnival procession in the afternoon. More than 150 groups with over 3,000 people in costume provide unforgettable entertainment for the ten thousand or so visitors.

This year the parade will take place on 18 February from 14:00 held.

You can find more information about the supporting programme here: Villach Carnival parade 2023

Accommodation in Villach

If you are still looking for accommodation for the carnival or the parade, our flat house is just the right place. The flats are very centrally located. You can reach the pedestrian zone and the city centre in just a few minutes on foot. In addition, we offer space for the whole family in our spacious apartments.

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